Service Policies

Tipping / Gratuity

William Edge is a non-tipping facility. We are doing great things to raise the professionalism of our craft. In society, the only people who accepts tips are those who are not subsidized by wages (waiters, waitresses, doormen, etc.), there is no other service profession that says, “I will deliver X service for X price and still expect a tip.”

The greatest tip you can give us is to purchase the recommended retail regimen to insure you look/feel your best from visit to visit, and the greatest compliment you can give us is the referral of a friend or family member.


Many of our service providers are industry leaders and maintain a steady clientele. To guarantee an appointment with your favorite provider, we recommend that you schedule your next appointment before leaving the salon. This guarantees availability with your service provider at your preferred date and time.


When we reserve space on our appointment schedule, our time and services are for you. If that time becomes non-productive, there is a loss to the operation of our team. Our policy requires a 24-hour cancellation notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment.

We provide confirmation calls 24–48 hours in advance of your scheduled time to remind you of your appointment. These calls are a courtesy and failure to receive your call is not a valid reason for a “no-show.” Please confirm we have your correct information on file to insure a successful confirmation/reminder process.

Multiple Service Appointments

We kindly request that appointments over three hours or for a group of three or more, be booked with a credit card. If it is necessary to cancel your appointment, your appointment must be cancelled 48 hours in advance to avoid credit card charges.