Our Values


We are proud of our reputation for quality. To ensure we maintain that reputation, we seek out the best educational opportunities the salon industry has to offer and provide them to our employees. William Edge team members train under fashion and beauty experts both in and outside of the Aveda network, enabling us to bring the latest trends and techniques home (whether that means Dallas, Fort Worth, New Braunfels or Nashville). It is our hope that our commitment to continued quality is apparent through these actions and all the other choices we make for our clients and ourselves.


We are committed to functioning as a true team. For that to happen, we all must share and fully understand a common vision for the future of our company. This unity of purpose drives our commitment to adhere to uniform standards, follow consistent systems and make informed, purpose-driven choices that are aligned with the William Edge vision.


We are part of something greater than ourselves. We believe there is nothing we cannot do together if we face it as a team.


Providing a truly unique service that stands above anything you can find elsewhere is a crucial objective for all of us at William Edge. We stay ahead of the rest of the industry by providing quality, in-depth education to our team—so they can, in turn, educate our clients. We never want to miss an opportunity to provide something new to our guests. We also uphold Aveda’s best practices to provide consistency of excellence across our locations.


In order for us to trust one another, we must be trustworthy. Integrity encompasses all of the values that William Edge has adopted for the company and expects of each team member.


Success is not an end goal—it is an evolving process that includes not just reaching desired goals but also educating oneself in order to set new ones. We understand that being willing to do what others are not, is an important component of continued success.


Walk through the door, and it’s immediately apparent: we have fun. In fact, we believe work should be fun. This value speaks to being enthusiastic in all aspects of your life so that others can experience your joy and all that you are.


As an education-driven team, we provide you the tools to develop and expand your career. We challenge you to use these tools to drive your imagination and establish the benchmark that makes our team a leader in our community and in our industry.