Haircare and Styling Tips

If you have curly hair

  • Apply product (we recommend Aveda’s Be Curly™ line) evenly from scalp to ends. The key to great curls is to use enough product and keep your hands out of your hair while drying.
  • Work with the natural texture of the hair, especially for summer time. If you have a natural wave, just twist the hair and diffuse—and make sure you don’t forget the product.
  • Twist the pieces to help the structure of their curl and eliminate frizz before diffusing. Doing so results in a smoother look than diffusing alone.

For your everyday style routine

  • Work with your stylist to come up with a plan that is easy for you to replicate at home. Be realistic about what you’re willing to do every day, and you will never have a bad hair day.
  • Use Aveda Air Control™ on each section (at the root) when drying for extra hold.
  • When styling wet hair, remove about 70% of moisture before adding products; this saves time and allows the product to penetrate the hair better.
  • Using the right product in the right hair makes a huge difference. Aveda offers several different product lines for all hair types.
  • When blow-drying hair, use a brush that easily enables you to create tension. To train cowlicks in the bang area, brush forward and down toward the face, making sure the dryer is following in the same direction. (Pro Tip: This also helps create the perfect sweepy bang.)
  • Always start at the root when removing moisture. Make sure to direct the airflow down the hair shaft, as you want to seal the cuticle down for maximum amounts of shine and a smooth texture.
  • When blow-drying, use the nozzle on your dryer to control airflow
  • Use Aveda Smooth Infusion™ Style-Prep Smoother™ on dry hair before flat-ironing to control humidity.
  • Use Aveda Air Control™ Light Hold Hair Spray or Texture Tonic to easily create texture.

For fine hair

  • I like to backcomb at the root and flat-iron over it, from the crown up. Let it cool then take a brush and brush the backcombing out. This provides amazing body!
  • Sprinkle Aveda Pure Abundance™ Hair Potion at the scalp area, then use your blow dryer and tousle with fingers to distribute.
  • Use Aveda Shampure™ Dry Shampoo to give dry hair an instant lift.

If you want a lot of volume

  • Always start blow-drying at the crown and the roots to create your base and desired direction. (P.S. Always blow-dry down the hair shaft. It gives you amazing shine.)
  • When working for volume; make sure that the airflow actually reaches down the base of the hair while working the hair away from the scalp. Making sure the base is dry will help to keep bounce in the hair. Also, keep the airflow focused down the hair shafts, in the same direction the hair grows. This helps to seal down the cuticle and add shine.
  • Finish with hair spray to set your style—we love Aveda Air Control™ for light hold and Aveda Control Force™ for medium hold.

For a flawless face

  • Use a tinted moisturizer (like Aveda Inner Light™ Mineral Tinted Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF15) under a pressed powder (Aveda Inner Light™ Mineral Powder) for a light coverage.
  • Always clean your face! Cleaning daily with cleanser, toner and moisturizer will keep your face looking fresh and glowing. It will also help your makeup go on smoothly and improve your skin elasticity.
  • Apply liquid makeup with a damp sponge for a natural finish.
  • Leave Aveda Botanical Kinetics™ Intense Hydrating Masque in the refrigerator and smooth on sunburned skin for a soothing, spa-like experience!