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Custom formulas and specific techniques are combined in our specialized aveda skin treatments. Our facials are designed to improve skin conditions including normal/combination, dry/dehydrated, aging/mature, oily and blemished/acne-prone skin. In certain cases, a series of treatments will be recommended to obtain desired results.



A perfect treatment for beginning a skin care regimen and learn about your skin type and how to care for it on a daily basis.  This is perfect for teenagers or anyone wanting to experience the benefits of a professional facial experience focused on cleansing, toning, exfoliation and moisturizing.



A specialized facial experience that is based upon your skin type and follows the guidelines of the Aveda Elemental Nature philosophy including radiant skin for all natures; infinity, air, fire, water and earth nature. This restorative skin treatment includes personalized products, aromas of your choice and facial techniques perfect for your needs.



A customized facial treatment that is based on ayurvedic principles practiced in Aveda services.  Aligning skin, mind and body is the focus of this experience and, working with your unique elemental qualities, we will customize this treatment to meet your needs.  We.SPA takes the Elements of Nature facial to another level with more massage, more attention to specific needs and extractions as needed.  An Absolutely Fabulous experience.



A man’s skin has different needs and requires skin care designed to address those needs . The Aveda Men Pure-Formance Facial is designed specifically with high performance skin care, techniques and aromas to specifically treat men’s skin conditions. For maximum results, please shave prior to this service.



The Aveda Botanical Skin Resurfacing facial is a clinically proven, natural alternative to microdermabrasion.  This treatment will leave your skin with a smoother texture, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, decreased pore size and significantly more radiance…all without the irritation and inflammation that comes with traditional microdermabrasion.



The Aveda Outer Peace Acne Relief facial is our core acne skin treatment. This amazing treatment concentrates on skin exfoliation, extraction of impurities, inflammation and redness reduction.  The outer peace acne fighting ingredients with customized techniques for your particular condition make this treatment effective and successful.



The powerful plant technology of the Aveda Green Science System is harnessed in this rejuvenating facial experience.  This high touch skin therapy is clinically proven to lift and firm the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skins smoothness, tone, and clarity. Renew, repair and rejuvenate your skin by significantly improving your skins barrier strength and reducing age spots.  A “must experience” if you want immediate improvement in the state of your skin.



This treatment is based on the Aveda Enbrightenment System and is developed to give skin a brighter, more even tone without the use of harsh chemicals.  This facial will give your skin luminosity and clarity.  In addition, you will receive either the Botanical Skin Resurfacing or the Outer Peace Exfoliating Formula to address your individual needs.


we.Skin Treatment Enhancements


Clinically proven to provide the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel without the associated redness and irritation.  The results of the Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel is smooth, refined and even-toned skin that is perfected by nature.



The Green Science Firming Eye treatment is specifically designed for the sensitive areas around the eyes. This revitalizing treatment utilizes lymphatic massage and pressure point technology to give a more youthful appearance by diminishing fine lines and fatigue circles, eliminating puffiness and reducing tired eyes.

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