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Our Values


Our reputation for quality is established. We provide educational opportunities for our employees with a high standard of instruction. Our instructors and the schools to which we send our team members have the knowledge and understanding of the beauty and fashion industry. Our commitment to the value of Quality shows in all the choices we make for our clients and ourselves.


For a true team to exist, we must all share and fully understand a common vision for the future of our company, adhere to the same standards and follow the same systems. This manual should provide clarity of our systems, standards and strategies.


We are part of something greater than ourselves. There is nothing we cannot do together if we face it as a team.


Providing quality, in depth education is an important objective of William Edge. It is imperative that each team member strives to educate themselves in the latest fashion an industry trends so that he or she may in turn educate our clients. Our company offers training both “in-house” and through various schools and shows.


In order for us to trust one another we must be trustworthy. Integrity encompasses all of the values that William Edge has adopted for the company and expects of each team member.


Success is different for everyone. It encompasses reaching desired goals and educating oneself in order to set new ones. Doing what everyone else doesn’t want to do is our definition of success.


We have fun and believe work should be fun. This value speaks to being enthusiastic in all aspects of your life so that others can experience your joy and all that you are.


As and education based team, we provide you the tools to develop and expand your career. We challenge you to use these tools to drive your imagination and establish the benchmark that makes our team a leader in our community and our industry.

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